Ecotourism for sharing values with the World

Queen of Coffee Africa (QCA) has planned to invest in ecotourism at the center of coffee business along the entire value chain to include nature conservation, cultural heritage promotion and enhancing learning by both travellers and citizens at Bunjako Island. We would like Bunjako Island to be the best ecotourism destination in Africa.

QCA is also promoting adoption of coffee plants for those who are able and those that are not able to travel to physically visit Bunjako Island coffee farms. One can adopt a number of coffee plants from which every year can harvest and consume coffee from those trees. We provide a story and traceability about the coffee and the nature conservation and cultural heritage. Culture include how people become blood brothers and sisters, how coffee is produced, processed, brewed and served right at the farm. Cup tasting and cultural performances including food preparation are all experiential learning exercises to enjoy.

Therefore, QCA is looking for partners to support gender responsive coffee production, some ecotourism activities and investments at the island. We are currently looking for impact investors, donors and development financing to invest in the establishment of the ecotourism center in phase one. In phase two we will invest in ecolodge cottages and in phase three we will invest in the entire island destination development installing conservation infrastructures in the forests, swamps, walkways, cultural heritage sites, promotion and marketing, tour equipment, learning materials and generally the hospitality infrastructure. We would like to note that the coffee farms both demonstration or learning farms and business farms were the first ones to be established.