Queen of Coffee Africa is investing in sustainable tourism, gender responsive and regenerative agricultural production of coffee, protection of forests, conserving wildly growing coffee and Lake Victoria water resources. We promote the historical cultural heritage of coffee as it relates to climate smart agriculture, coffee as a medium of establishing blood brotherhood and sisterhood. We promote coffee as an income generating activity for family farmers. We further promote coffee as a profession for youth to take on as a career to create businesses and jobs for themselves.

QCA Proposal

Queen of Coffee Africa (QCA) has planned to invest in ecotourism at the center of gender and climate responsive coffee business along the entire value chain to include nature conservation, cultural heritage promotion and enhancing learning by both travellers and citizens at Bunjako Island. We would like Bunjako Island to be the best ecotourism destination in Africa. Read more

Our Coffees

Coffees directly from specific farms with a story how the coffee is grown as Eco-friendly coffee with a cornucopia of flavours. It is coffee that is high grown whether Arabica or Robusta. For Arabica, altitude will be above 1500m a.s.l and Robusta above 1000m a.s.l.an find you, too.


Only the top fine Ugandan coffee grades including screen 17 and 18 for Robusta and grades A and AA for Arabica are processed into a final product for the customers.

Profile of the Coffee Cup

Queen of Coffee presents coffee with high quality cornucopia of specialty flavours that meet with the tastes and preferences of the rich culture of specifically Italian coffee culture but European at large. It is traceable coffees with a rich profile and balanced characteristics with an ecosystem story from which farm it is grown, under what environmental and social circumstances it is grown and how the coffee bushes are managed following climate smart practices.